Ever been called stubborn? Why it’s your strength + How to use it to stay on track.

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I was working with a group of incredible people last week. All on their own individual journey. All determined. All passionate. With a little fear and uncertainty in the mix.

The great thing about working with groups like this is that as they open up with honesty, each person in the group recognises themselves in that person. Their hopes, fear and low moments.

With this particular group, I was helping them get clear on their power, so they could pump it up and use it to rise higher.
A bright eyed girl, stood up to announce that what she felt was her greatest strength, everyone else said was her weakness.
“What’s that”, I asked, as the group leaned forward to hear.
“My stubbornness”, she announced.
That refusal to listen to niggling criticism. The insistence that it can be done. That persistence to stay true to what feels right. Even when everyone around questions you.

Being stubborn is usually seen as a fault. A weakness. Even verging on bad manners.
But when it’s used wisely, it can be your greatest support.
It sticks by you when everyone else falls away. It reminds you that you know best. Stubbornness refuses to be unsettled by the uncertainty that shows up when when you’re going for what you really want. 

A few days after our group work, I received an email from that stubborn girl. Her dream had catapulted forward like never before.
She had been working on her masterplan. To set up her own art cafe. Her stubbornness had paid off. She had found the perfect place. Her persistent belief that her dream mattered was what had bought her to this life changing moment in her life.

That’s the thing. When you turn those so called faults into powerful strengths, you become unstoppable.

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