Feel torn between where you are and where you want to be? Here’s the answer…

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Trust that right now, you are where you’re meant to be.

Right Now. Where you are is for a purpose.

Reading your child a story.
Sitting in traffic.
Looking out the window drinking tea.

Whatever it is might seem small. Even insignificant.
It’s so easy to convince ourselves that there’s got to be more glamorous, glossier things to do.

Win an award.
Get promoted.
Cure cancer.

And yet there’s a reason why you’re doing what you’re doing right now.
Maybe you’re making someone else’s day easier.
Maybe this is your time to stop and enjoy right now. Before the pace quickens up.

Some of the most tender special moments are in those tiny tasks. When you decide to stop and feel them.
Taking in the love of being a parent. To really absorb the connection. To know that you’re creating special memories for life.
Sitting in traffic with your dreams and plans whirrling around in your heart. Planning and scheming your next breakthrough.
Feeling the perfection of a quiet moment with your tea. Because you never know when the current may quicken.

End the constant battle that’s going on in your mind.
When I get a better car/ job/ man. Then I’ll be happy.
When I move house/ job/ country, Then I’ll be in the right place.

What if right now, doing what you’re doing is perfect?
What if where you are now, is where you’re meant to be now?

Here’s the soul calming truth:

Where you are now is bringing you somewhere else.
And when you get there. That too will be perfect.

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