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Become part of a new generation of great speakers

Speaker School gives you the opportunity to become part of an elite group of people as you develop a skill that so few people ever manage to master. The power to speak with passion and influence. Speaker School provides a 3 day intensive program designed to immerse you in the most effective and successful techniques to make you a truly confident and inspiring speaker. Toireasa personally delivers the complete program herself, ensuring that you get the absolute best speaker training possible.

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Is Speaker School for you?

It’s for you if …

  • You’re an active speaker looking for a fresh edge to awaken your audience to your wisdom.
  • You dream of being able to speak without the sweaty palm fear that usually engulfs you.
  • You have no idea what your message is, but you know deep down there’s a greatness in you and you want to get clear on what it is. And then speak it loud and clear.
  • You know your message. What you want to say. What it’s about. And now you’re ready to polish it up and deliver it.
  • It’s on your bucket list.
  • You have a message imprinted on your soul that you want to unravel and release to the world. Because you know it’s needed.

It’s not for you if…

  • You only want to learn theory and are not interested in implementing it.
  • You want me to do all the work. This is not a sit back and listen program. It’s all about you and your growth.
  • You take offense to feedback that’s given to help you improve. There’s going to be constant specific feedback. To ensure your speaking progresses at an awesome rate.

For me, speaking my message was a lifelong dream and nothing was going to stop me. If you’re the same Speaker School is your chance to make that dream real.


  • The 3 Powerful steps designed to reveal your message.
  • Confident speaking techniques to look and feel super confident every time you speak.
  • Discover your speaking style + the secret to using it to become an incredible speaker.
  • The power of your words + how to use them to inspire your audience.
  • The 3 P’s sabotaging your speaking + how to overcome them.
  • The easy and effective way to banish fear for good.


  • Create brilliant speaking content that captivates your audience.
  • The power of your voice + how to use it for serious impact.
  • The 5 secret gestures you must use to transform your speech.
  • The biggest mistake speakers make and how to avoid it, so that you stand out as the most memorable speaker.
  • 4 smart strategies to educate and captivate your audience.


  • Tried and tested world class strategies to have your audience hanging on your every word.
  • The secret to working the stage, so that you are in control.
  • The ultimate key to connect with your audience.
  • How to be a captivating story teller, so they’ll want to hear you speak again and again.
  • Deliver your message with solid confidence and real passion. No notes. No nerves. Simply perfect.

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